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Spandex mens swimsuit  Mens swimwear

Mens swimwear

Spandex mens swimsuit
What looks better than a guys body wrapped up skin tight in a spandex mens swimsuit? Nothing looks better! Men are now wearing the sexiest bikinis, thongs, G-strings and micro shorts and they are all skin tight spandex just like the girls wear. Men are no longer forced to wear goofy looking oversized shorts that hide everything. Why should the girls have all the fun? We work so hard to keep our bodies in tip top shape and lucky for us the biggest trend in men's swimwear is the spandex men swimsuit. Micro is the word. It is just amazing that over the last few season the trend has shifted to these slinky sexy little suits. You see more men than ever wearing hot micro bikinis, tiny little short shorts, bulge style swimwear and even tiny thongs and G-strings. It is all about looking good at the beach and those wonderful pool parties.

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Trying out a Spandex Mens Swimsuit

If you have never worn a spandex mens swimsuit, then you are really missing out on something wonderful. There are very few things in my life that feel as amazing as wearing one of these swimsuits. I have tried numerous types of materials over the years and spandex is the only one that offers me the comfort that I seek while maintaining the sexiness that every man is looking to gain. At least, I would think all those guys in the world are looking for something sexy to wear to the beach. I know that is what I am always looking for even if I find items that I probably shouldn’t be wearing in public.

The good news is that there are enough design choices when it comes to these spandex mens swimsuit designs that you can always find something that you can wear out to your local beach. You just have to understand that these swimsuits will fit a bit differently from anything else you have ever worn in the past. Wearing spandex isn’t like slipping into your traditional trunks after all. This material is made to be stretchy and confining to a point so they are usually designed in a smaller aspect than what other materials would be made into.

Of course once you start wearing spandex mens swimsuit designs you won’t want to wear anything else. I know you have probably heard that before, but it is completely true. It is by far the best material to be used for swimwear ever. It fits like a second skin on anyone that is wearing it and yet maintains an amount of freedom that you have probably never experienced. I absolutely love wearing spandex swimwear and I think every guy out there should give something like this a try for at least one weekend while they are on vacation. If you do, you will go back home a changed man for the better.

The Joys of a Spandex Men's Swimsuit

Taking my spandex men's swimsuit out to the beach for the day is one of those things I absolutely adore. Even though I don’t get to the beach as often as I do, I still love the fact that I have these awesome items to wear. I have thought about wearing them around my apartment when I don’t have time to go out, but that might make me look a little pathetic if someone showed up unexpectedly. Although, I would find the look on their face rather amusing when they did see what I was wearing, all alone in my apartment.

Some people I know like to wear their spandex men's swimsuit under their pants while they are at work or while performing routine daily tasks. I'm not sure I could do that one, either. I love the way they feel and spandex has always turned me on quite a lot. I would think that trying to wear anything made from spandex underneath my pants would end up giving me a vicious erection. One that I probably would have a very difficult time in hiding from the public. That could cause numerous issues, depending on where I was while wearing them.

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This is why I love the times where I can wear my spandex men's swimsuit out to the beach. Not being able to do that all the time seems to make the moments that I can even more special to me as well. It’s like I have earned some kind of special vacation from reality and my swimsuit is the key to all the happiness in the world. I know that isn’t what it really is, but that is how I like to think about it. In reality, I am just another middle aged man walking around in skimpy spandex trying to relive my younger days. Thankfully, it usually ends up working for me at some point and I can feel young, handsome and strong once more.

Loving My Spandex Mens Swimsuit around the House

I love taking my spandex mens swimsuit out to the beach when it’s nice and sunny, but I also enjoy wearing it around the house when the weather doesn’t allow me to go outside. I think there is a level of comfort in wearing them in the privacy of my own home that most people never really think about. You get to set the temperature exactly as you like it and you don’t have to worry about things like sunburn or bugs pestering you all the time. I have also enjoyed the fact that I never get sand in my swimsuit while I am in the house, too.

The only down side to wearing my spandex mens swimsuit in the house is when one of my friends stops by unexpectedly. They always look at me like I have either lost my mind or they glance around as if I am getting ready to go out. Of course it is usually raining or too cold to be wearing swimwear outside when this happens so they fall back to me losing my mind. I tend to just laugh it off and invite them in, knowing that they are unsure about what they should be doing. I seriously just love the looks on their faces when this happens.

Most of my friends and family have learned to accept me when I am wearing my spandex mens swimsuit in the house, though. I have a few that still don’t understand why I am wearing something like this around the house, but they will get there eventually. I stopped trying to explain myself to these people a long time ago so they can think whatever they want to about me. They know that I am a bit eccentric at times so they will usually put it out of their minds after a few minutes. Now, if I could just get the rest of the world to accept the fact that I love my spandex swimwear, I could be a very happy guy.

Spandex Mens Swimsuit Pleasure

There are few things in my life that I don’t like. In fact, the only thing that I can really say I would want to change is the inability to wear my spandex mens swimsuit as much as I would love to. My career ends up taking quite a bit of my free time away so when I do get the chance to wear it, I am very pleased. I used to think that I was shorting myself the opportunity to wear my swimwear, but I have started coming to another conclusion recently.

You see, instead of feeling bad about not getting to wear my spandex mens swimsuit; I have started looking at it as a reward for working hard. Whenever I pull long hours at the office, I think about how great it is going to feel to wear my swimsuit and relax a little. This gives me the courage to plow through the work I have and try my best to get a weekend off every once in a while. I know it isn’t the best way of doing things but having something to look forward to has        helped me out a lot over the last few years. Everyone needs to see that elusive light at the end of the tunnel.

Most guys get the chance to wear their spandex mens swimsuit as often as they can and I can see in their eyes that they aren’t quite as happy as I am. They haven’t had to go weeks without wearing it in the past so they don’t have the same excitement that I tend to have about it. But occasionally, I see a guy that works hard like I do and the happiness that they are feeling with their swimsuit is the exact same thing that I feel with mine. It really makes me wonder what other people do to make their lives feel complete. I bet it is not something as simple as my swimsuit.

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